Our sport and performing artist workshops range from two hour introductory sessions to season long contracts. Sessions are designed to build foundation skills that develop trust, enhance communication, build commitment, and make each individual more accountable to the team’s goals.  Common focuses include:


  • Individual and team goal setting
  • Self-awareness and understanding personality types
  • Finding higher levels of motivation and drive
  • Decreasing frustrations, stress and anxiety
  • Team cohesion and group dynamics
  • Leadership and communication
  • Managing control and focus



file8871263244366 (1)Our business workshops range from short interactive training sessions to long-term team building processes.  Common areas of focus include:


  • Creating long-term vision, goals, and objectives
  • Increasing self-trust and trust in co-workers and management
  • Strengthening communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Building shared levels of commitment, responsibility, and accountability
  • Increasing individual and work team drive and motivation
  • Creating better work-life balance to increase productivity


Programs are created through direct consultation with your organization and are customized to meet specific needs and desired outcomes.  Professional facilitation provides a safe environment to challenge each individual, create memorable sessions and produce outstanding results.