shutterstock_176658914_1RippleRock has specialized in designing and implementing creative and interactive coaching programs that have challenged individuals and working groups for over a decade.


Our coaching program focuses on increased self-awareness and the development of personal skills to achieve long-term organizational success.  We believe that individual confidence and competence combined with solid interpersonal relationships are the foundation of high achieving work teams.


The coaching programs are designed to ensure that each individual’s work is held in strict confidence.  A client-centred approach allows for the unique challenges and attributes of each individual to be the focal point in every session.



RippleRock’s sport and personal counselling services are the fastest way to pave the way to future success.


Over the last 15 years Dave has help thousands of clients sort out hundreds of challenges that lower performance and get in the way of success.  These challenges often have roots in the past, could be associated with present circumstances, or they could be future focused. The process is simple, respectful, confidential, and Dave will ensure it is enjoyable.

In the process we are looking for a sense of accomplishment, achievement, satisfaction, and appreciation. In getting there we often need to deal with issues including:

  • Dealing with loss, setbacks, injuries
  • Nervousness, stress and anxiety
  • Fristration, disappointment, envy, guilt, and jealousy
  • Critical incident stress, fears, and phobias
  • Communication and relationships challenges