RippleRock Consulting offers personal coaching, consulting, facilitation and training for business professionals, athletes, and visual and performing artists who believe Better is Always Possible.


The development and utilization of performance psychology has grown considerably in the past few decades.  Mental skills development is now considered one of the basic elements to enhance human performance.  Under the guidance of a skilled practitioner, individuals can learn to harness the power of the subconscious mind, be positive and proactive, and rely on heightened self-awareness to achieve optimal performance.  The skill sets of today’s mentally prepared performers include; developing belief and expectation systems, setting outcome, performance and process goals, increasing focus and concentration, and controlling emotions and anxiety.


The added benefit of mental skills training transcends well beyond the performing world to all aspects of life to help:


  • Build confidence, self-esteem and a positive outlook
  • Control emotions, anxiety, nervousness, and fear
  • Learn to achieve deep relaxation and visualize success
  • Increase concentration, focus and mental toughness
  • Deal effectively with setbacks, roadblocks, and injuries
  • Break through mental barriers and enhance performance
  • Achieve greater success by using unique goal setting techniques


We all have limitations, but our progress and performance are most often limited by our own beliefs and mental abilities.  Whether working with individuals or teams, Dave’s approach is to provide a solid foundation of skill and self-awareness for long-term results.  The approach for one-on-one coaching and team development focuses on the unique attributes and history of each individual involved. 


It takes courage to dream big, and setting long-term aggressive goals is both scary and necessary for success.  Our philosophy is “Better is Always Possible” so if you are driven to want more, RippleRock will help you Get There.